Ready to Live Lens-Free?

See if you'd be a good candidate for refractive surgery

You don't have to settle for a life behind lenses. You can improve your eyesight and eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses when you get refractive surgery with Bismarck LASIK. We'll use WaveLight excimer and Wavefront-optimized lasers during surgery to make sure the laser is always on the perfect spot, even if you accidentally move your eye.

While other eye surgeons take a minute to do the LASIK flap, we can do it in under 16 seconds to improve your night vision and reducing glare after your surgery. Schedule a free consultation with us today to see if you'd be a candidate for refractive eye surgery. We just ask that you don't wear contact lenses for three days prior to your appointment.

What are your refractive surgery options?

Whether you're a nurse who doesn't like wearing glasses with a mask or an athlete who can't wear glasses during practices and games, refractive surgery can make your life easier. We can perform two different types of surgeries:

  • LASIK - We'll use special lasers to reshape your cornea and improve your vision. You'll likely experience minimal postoperative discomfort, and you'll be able to go back to work the next day.
  • PRK - If your cornea is too thin for LASIK surgery, we'll place a bandage contact lens on your eye after shaping your cornea with the laser. This typically has more discomfort and a longer recovery time, so your vision likely won't be stable for the first month.

Want to learn more about LASIK or PRK? Reach out to us right away.